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Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Music with a specialisation in classical performance, which she completed in 2016 at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM). Prior to her degree, she undertook Music Fundamentals 1 - 4 at the Conservatorium of Music Open Academy. Vanessa's musical proficiency is underscored by her Grade 8 piano certificate from Trinity College of London and Grade 5 theory from the Australian Music Education Board (AMEB).


With over 12 years of experience, Vanessa is a dedicated piano teacher with expertise in classical music. She believes in offering her students a diverse repertoire, encompassing various styles to cater to their individual interests and foster a lifelong love for piano playing. Vanessa enjoys teaching both children (from 7 years old) and adults, tailoring her lessons to accommodate students at all skill levels, from beginners to advanced.


Continuing her commitment to learning, Vanessa is currently pursuing further studies while expanding her teaching career through her private studio and online platforms.

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