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Individual piano lessons usually last between 30 minutes or 1 hour. I offer piano lessons to students wanting to learn for leisure, and for students wanting to take exams. For exams, I follow the syllabus for AMEB, or Trinity College of London, depending on which music education board the student wishes to go with. There are many components to music lessons and some of the key ones are:

1. Piano Technique
Piano technique refers to body position and how basic physical movements are made at the piano.

2. Repertoire
A good portion of time is spent in this part of the lesson playing pieces. 

3. Sight Reading
This is the ability to play music that has not been seen before.  With good sight reading skills, you will learn music quicker. 

4. Aural
Aural skills are listening skills. This is one of the most important skills a musician can have.  

5. Theory
Music theory should ideally be learnt together with the music being played. 

Learning Outcomes

1. Learn to play and perform music in a variety of genres.

2. Demonstrate technical ability on the piano.

3. Demonstrate competence in musicianship, to include aural skills, and knowledge        and application of music theory.

Music Notes
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